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iPhone 3g, 3, 3gs Dock Extender for Otterbox Defender Cases, AR

iPhone 3g, 3, 3gs Dock Extender for Otterbox Defender Cases, AR

Price: $9.99
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Detailed Description
This item has a very snug fit on the Lifeproof cases. You will need to firmly press this adapter into place. It will not harm your phone or case but it does need a firm press to lock into place.
Our Dock Extender Adapters options for iPhone iPad and iPod are a spacer adapter for Apple's 30-pin dock connector that allows Apple's iOS devices to connect with 30-pin cables and universal docks while in a bumper or case like the OtterBox Defender, Element Vapor and Ballistic's Hardcore case - to name a few!

Awarded for its size and ease of use, all you have to do is to extend your dock is plug in the adapter and extend your iPad, iPod and iPhone dock. No docking cable necessary. All 30 pins are passed through from your dock or accessory, so any other iPod, iPad or iPhone features work and our new dock extender adapter eliminates the annoying need to constantly peel your iPod or iPhone from its case or bumper to use your docking station or speaker system.

  • Straight-thru 30-pins male/female adapter
  • Compact lightweight design weighs .5 oz
  • Fits all cases (.215 thick x 1" W x .89" L)
  • Slim connector fits restricted openings
  • Connect cable or peripheral with case on
  • Designed for even the tightest connections
  • Works with the Apple iPad VGA cable
  • Devices dock with dockable accessories
Designed for even the tightest connections including:
  • Apple › Bumper › OtterBox
  • Defender › Element Vapor
  • Speck CandyShell › Bamboo
  • SGP Neo Hybrid › Belkin Grip Vue
  • Macally METROLpad
  • iPad VGA Cable › iPad Camera Kit
  • 30-pin Dock Connector Devices
  • iPad 1 iPad 2 iPad 3
  • iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S 5G
  • iPod Touch iPod Nano & Classic
  • 5G iPod (video) 4G iPod (Click)
  • iPod Photo iPod Mini 3G iPod

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