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Incipio IPH-826 FAXION iPhone 5 Turquoise Cover, HOB Case, Stylus Pen , AR

Incipio IPH-826 FAXION iPhone 5 Turquoise Cover, HOB Case, Stylus Pen , AR

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Detailed Description

Incipio Faxion Case

Dual-injected materials combine to create the FAXION™ case. Shock-absorbing TPU and impact resistant polycarbonate are fused into one sleek design. The custom-molded FAXION™ case is the epitome of reliable and stylish protection.

Snapshots of your daily adventures just got easier. With the iPhone 5 FAXION™ case your 8MP camera takes unobstructed pictures through an intelligent cutout while the device stays well-protected. Simply snap away without adjusting the case!

The iPhone 5 FAXION™ case is designed with the traveling enthusiast in mind. Charge your smartphone through the strategically placed cutout around your USB port. Revamp your battery life anytime!

Utilize the media capabilities of your while remaining fully protected and in-style with the FAXION™ case. Listening to your favorite hit song is just a plug in away. The FAXION™ case provides you with complete access for your headphone jack.

Scroll through your photo albums or play games comfortably when you use the FAXION™ case. The iPhone 5 FAXION™ case safeguards the device around the back and edges while leaving the 4.8in touchscreen fully functional for a satisfying user experience.

The FAXION™ case comes bundled with Incipio’s signature Vanity Kit, complete with surface protector, applicator card and cleaning cloth. Incipio® has your iPhone 5 covered from all angles.

  • Comes with Radiation Shield, Stylus and Case that fits your phone with the cover on it.

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