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Rugged Brand L Heavy Duty Side Case Kit for BlackBerry Curve 9315/9320, CSTY SP

Rugged Brand L Heavy Duty Side Case Kit for BlackBerry Curve 9315/9320, CSTY SP

Price: $24.99
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Detailed Description
Rugged Brand Heavy Duty Horizontal Canvas Case with Steel Clip that Locks into 4 different Positions for BlackBerry Curve 9315/9320. Bundle Pack 3 Pieces comes with Case, Stylus Pen and 2 Pack of Screen Protectors.

Rugged, heavy duty large horizontal cell phone pouch by RUGGED Equipment accessories. The Rugged Large phone pouch meets the needs of highly popular phones like the HTC EVO, Motorola Droid and Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S phones. It offers Rugged product line protection with a comfortable horizontal wearing style.

The RUGGED Large phone pouch is made of industry tested, high strength nylon and has a secure, double magnetic front closure. It rides comfortably in a horizontal position clipped to your belt with it's steel, quad lock belt clip. The sides expand to accommodate larger handsets and extended batteries.

  • Heavy Duty Large Phone Pouch
  • Made of Tough Nylon
  • Includes Steel Quad Lock Belt Clip
  • Magnetic Closure

Quad Lock Belt Clip

The Rugged Equipment Quad-Lock belt clip is the first metal clip on the market to incorporate features like a true mechanical release operation with a 4 position detent system. The new mechanism allows the phone to release from the clip only when activated by the user. The detent system allows your phone to rotate and still be detained in one of any four positions.

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